100% USA Made Breaching Tools

100% USA Made Breaching Tools at reasonable prices! Don't spend hundreds or thousands to get the tools you need. Warwood Tactical manufactures the highest quality, USA Made breaching tools on the market - all backed by our "All Steel Lifetime Warranty"! Halligan Bars, Breaching Sledges, Tomahawks, Entry Wedges, Pry Bars, and More! We've been forging 100% USA Made hand tools since 1854 and set the standard in quality!

Badass Tools for Badass Individuals Since 1854

Warwood Tactical's Parent Company, Warwood Tool Co.,  has stood as a cornerstone of American manufacturing since the mid 1800's.  Warwood Tool Co. has supplied tools to U.S. Soldiers in every war in American History beginning with The Civil War.  Being so firmly rooted in Pride & Tradition, its easy to see why we've stood the test of time.

We're not going anywhere.

Serving America's Finest

We provide America's highest quality tools to America's highest quality men and women including Military, Police/SWAT, Firefighters and First Responders.  164 years of knowledge and expertise in the drop-forging industry go into every product we make at Warwood Tactical.  We believe that in tool manufacturing there are no shortcuts.